April 2011

These are the books the Children's Area staff reviewed in April 2011. Click on the "check the catalog" link to see if the book is available. If it isn't, ask a librarian to put it on hold for you.

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Up and Down

Oliver Jeffers never disappoints. This companion to the much-loved (by me and everyone else with a heart, soul, and feelings) Lost and Found absolutely lives up to the original's lovely, amusing, and quirky study of the friendship between a boy and his favorite penguin.

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Joey is a baby kangaroo. He decides he wants to hop out and explore. However, he finds "frightening" creatures, like a bumblebee and a little bird. They scare him so much he has to yell out, "POUCH!" at the top of his lungs and jump back to the safety of Mama kangaroo. Eventually he hops out and meets a strange little creature that looks just like him. Maybe he will make a good companion for exploring...

Pouch! is fun for children and parents alike; the kids will love singing out, "POUCH!" each time baby Joey is frightened by a small, cute animal. The beautiful artwork in this book will charm all ages.

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The Twits

The Twits are ugly because they are so mean. People as mean as they are can’t help but to be ugly. The Twits spend their time playing mean tricks on each other. Once a week, Mr. Twit goes outside and paints glue on the dead tree, and then he catches all of the birds that land on the tree and eats them in a bird pie. The Twits also have a family of monkeys that they keep in a cage that they make stand upside down all day. The Twits are just horrible people.

One day, the monkeys devise a plan of escape with the help of a bird that showed up from Africa. They plan to trick the Twits by turning their house upside down. The Twits is a funny and clever story by the infamous Roald Dahl. Read it for a good giggle.

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