April 2013

These are the books the Children's Area staff reviewed in April 2013. Click on the "check the catalog" link to see if the book is available. If it isn't, ask a librarian to put it on hold for you.

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Otter and Odder: A Love Story

  • By James Howe and Chris Raschka
  • Call number: JE HOWE
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  • Recommended for ages: 6 and up

Otter and Odder is a strange and delightful book that celebrates nonconformity. Otter is looking for dinner- but, instead, he finds love in the beautiful eyes of Myrtle, a fish. "Impossible," he says. "I am in love with my food source." At first, Myrtle is just worried about being eaten, but, soon, she discovers friendship and love, too. All of their friends and family think they are crazy. What is right? What will they do? This complex subject is tackled in beautiful prose and fun and strange illustrations that resemble the drawings of a small child. One of my favorite books I've read this year!

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Breadcrumbs is based on the fairy tale The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. Hazel and Jack are best friends in present day Minneapolis. They fit together like best friends do. It doesnt matter that they are a boy and a girl. They use their imagination, and it takes them everywhere the two best friends would like to go.

One day, an evil being named Mal made a magic mirror that made everything look ugly and seem hateful. He carried it high up into the sky where it broke into thousands of small pieces and fell back down to earth. One of the pieces fell into Jacks eye. Thats the day that Jack changed. He stopped talking to Hazel. He stopped imagining.

Hazel didnt know how to help her best friend. Her mother told her that sometimes these things just happen with best friends, but Hazel knew something was really, really wrong. In this fairy tale, Hazel will have to pass through enchanted frozen forests to confront a witch and save Jack from the evil spell. She will have to be brave and smart, but her will to save her best friend will lead her through perilous adventures.

Breadcrumbs is nominated for the Georgia Childrens Book Award.

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The Boy Who Cried Alien

In the small town of Malarkey Lake lives a small boy named Larry the Liar. He is always making up outlandish stories that no one believes. One day, he witnesses the crash of an alien spaceship, but, when he goes to tell everyone, they do not believe him. The aliens decide to visit the town, much to the townspeoples dismay. When they do not find what they need to fix their spaceship, they go back and run into Larry the Liar. What will happen to Larry the Liar? Are these aliens friendly or mean? Will the townspeople believe his tale? Read The Boy Who Cried Alien to find out! This book is a fun read for children and a good introduction to the graphic novel style.

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One summer night in the city, a young boy tries to get his family to play a board game. Everyone is too busy, so he decides to watch TV instead. Suddenly, the power goes out. What will the family do now? When their apartment gets too hot, and they have to climb to the roof, what will they find there?

Blackout, which received the Caldecott Honor this year, is a fun, delightfully-illustrated picture book about the joys of turning the power off every once in a while.

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