February 2014

These are the books the Children's Area staff reviewed in February 2014. Click on the "check the catalog" link to see if the book is available. If it isn't, ask a librarian to put it on hold for you.

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The Junkyard Wonders

Trisha was so happy she had gotten permission to stay at her Dad?s house for the whole school year. She wanted to start with a clean sheet. Back at home with her mother the kids at school teased her because she was in a special education class. They called her dumb. Now, in this new school, she had a chance to make new friends. Unfortunately, when she got to school, Trisha learned she was in another special class. Trisha's new class was called the Junkyard. Her new teacher was named Mrs. Peterson. The first thing Mrs. Peterson did was to make the class look up the definition of genius. She said genius described every one of them. Despite her initial disappointment, Trisha was very happy in the Junkyard. The other kids were friendly, and she had her own group of friends that shared all her small group time. One day Mrs. Peterson took the class to a junkyard. The assignment was to find junk to make into a creative project. Each group made a unique and wonderful project. Trisha's group made a magnificent airplane using the ingenuity and the talent of everyone in the group. Hopefully, it would fly. It had to fly, for the memory of a lost classmate, Thom; the airplane just had to fly. Read this touching story about children with special and remarkable talents who persevere and grow together in a wonderful journey of friendship. The Junkyard Wonders has been nominated for the Georgia Children's Book Award for the 2013-2014 school year.

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Good Night, Mouse!

It's bedtime for little Mouse. All of his forest friends are trying to help him get to sleep. Can jumping-rope with Rabbit help him fall asleep? How about cuddling with Hedgehog? Or maybe perching in the trees with the birds? Something has to help him go to sleep... but what? Check out this adorable book and find out!

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Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great

Unicorn is new in town, and he outdoes Goat at everything. Goat doesn't understand why anyone would want to be friends with Unicorn. Then, when Goat is eating some goat-cheese pizza, Unicorn comes to talk to him. Is Unicorn just coming to show Goat up again, or has Goat maybe, just maybe, been wrong about Unicorn all along? Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great is a funny book about jealousy and friendship with great illustrations.

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