June 2011

These are the books the Children's Area staff reviewed in June 2011. Click on the "check the catalog" link to see if the book is available. If it isn't, ask a librarian to put it on hold for you.

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The Minpins

  • by Roald Dahl
  • Call number: JE Dahl or J Dahl (it's in both sections)
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  • Recommended for ages: 4-8

In The Minpins, Roald Dahl creates a miniature magical world that is enjoyable to both children and adults alike. While it has a few too many words for a picture book, it is a good one for adults to read to children. There are also many colorful pictures that engage children. The book tells the story of Little Billy who becomes bored with being good and sneaks into the forest. He finds both danger and refuge there, as well as some little friends who help him along the way. This book shows the joys of childhood and adventure, but also, in the end, shows some of the joys of growing up. I recommend this book for anyone who wants a good story with great pictures.

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The Hidden Gallery

The sequel to The Mysterious Howling is just as entertaining, mysterious, and funny as I expected. Much like Lemony Snicket, Wood's novels manage to amuse and challenge young readers. In the novel, clues about the children's and Penelope's mysterious origins are given while some romantic and supernatural elements appear.

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The Bathwater Gang

Bertie was bored, and it was only the second day of summer vacation. Granny had some good advice: she told Bertie to form a gang! Bertie tried to form an all girl gang, but her best friend Damaris couldn't join the gang because her mom said gangs were bad. Bertie didn't want to have a bad gang. She wanted her gang to have fun. That is, until Andy formed an all boys gang. Then, war broke out between the gangs, and it looked like Damaris's mom might have been right about gangs! Finally Granny stepped in to put the fun back in the gang, and a new gang, the Bathwater Gang, was formed. Read The Bathwater Gang to find out how the gang got its name.

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Dinosaur Vs. Bedtime!

Little Red Dinosaur is fierce! RAWR! He can beat anything! RAWR! Dinosaur overcomes many obstacles, such as: a great big slide, spaghetti, and even noisy, talking grownups! Can Dinosaur overcome his greatest challenge - BEDTIME? RAWR, RAWR, RAWR! Both children and parents will be charmed by the adorable illustrations and hilarious challenges in this book.

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