September 2014

These are the books the Children's Area staff reviewed in September 2014. Click on the "check the catalog" link to see if the book is available. If it isn't, ask a librarian to put it on hold for you.

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Mi Familia Calaca

¡En septiembre, vamos a celebrar el mes de la herencia hispanoamericana! El libro "Mi Familia Calaca" de Cynthia Weill es perfecto para celebrarlo con tu familia. La protagonista, Anita, es una esqueleta. ¡No tienes miedo! Ella es muy amable y graciosa. ¡El cuento es sobre una familia de esqueletos, pero ellos son exactamente como una familia normal! Hay padres, hijos, abuelos, y mascotas, también. ¡El estilo y los colores del libro son festivos y brillantes como una fiesta! El cuento es bilingüe (como esta crítica), y es muy fácil seguir junto con la narrativa. ¡Lee esto libro con tus familias esqueletos!

In September, we are going to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month! The book "My Skeleton Family" by Cynthia Weill is perfect to celebrate it with your families. The main character, Anita, is a skeleton. Don’t be afraid! She is friendly and funny. The story is about a family of skeletons, but they are exactly like a normal family! There are parents, children, grandparents, and pets, also. The style and colors of the book are festive and bright like a party! The story is bilingual (like this review), and it is very easy to follow along with the narrative. Read this book with your skeleton families!

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Soccer Star

Paulo Marcelo Feliciano is a boy who lives in the favelas in Brazil. He works helping to catch fish in the day, but, more than anything, he loves to play soccer at night. He has dreams that he will become a soccer star with his friends so they can help their families. But will his friends let his little sister play, too? Who will win the game?

This is a beautifully illustrated story that shows a little bit of what daily life is like in the favelas. It depicts how children have to work to help support their families, but also really shows how there is hope and happiness in these communities as well. There are some very nicely interspersed Portuguese words which are simple to translate through context. Highly recommended!

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17 Things I’m Not Allowed to Do Anymore

In this charming picture book, a mischievous little girl details her many clever ideas and the consequences when she tries to put them into action. For example, her idea to staple her brother’s hair to his pillow results in her mother not allowing her to use the stapler anymore. Nancy Carpenter’s illustrations fit this hilarious book perfectly.

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