January 2010

American Victorian costume in early photographs

Priscilla Dalrymple
GR 391.0097 DALRYPLE
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Bearfoot: a northbounder e-mails from the Applalachian Trail

Patrick Pittard
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Coosa the rise and fall of a Southeastern Mississippian chiefdom

Marvin Smith
GR 970.1975 SMITH
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Dressed for the photographer ordinary Americans and fashion : 1840-1900

Joan Severa
GR 391.0097 SEVERA
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First ownership of Ohio lands

Albion Dyer
GR 977.1 DYER
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The History of Mecklenburg County : from 1740 to 1900

John Alexander
GR 975.6 Mecklenburg ALEXANDER
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Indians of central and south Florida : 1513-1763

John Hann
GR 970.3759 HANN
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Oconee Hill Cemetery of Athens : Georgia Volume I

Charlotte Marshall
GR 975.8 Clarke MARSHALL V.1
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The southern dream of a Caribbean empire : 1854 - 1861

Robert May
GR 973.6 MAY
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The Surnames of Scotland : their origin : meaning and history

George Black
GR 929.42 BLACK
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What did they mean by that ? A dictionary of historical & genealogical terms old & new

Paul Drake
GR 423.1 DRAKE
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