The Heritage Room Presents: The Mary Ann P. Braswell Cushman photographs

Mary Ann Ponds Braswell as a young woman, circa 1936

The Mary Ann P. Braswell Cushman photographs recount the fascinating life of Mary Ann Ponds Braswell Cushman, a person rich in Athens and world history, and the noteworthy Braswell family, a family rich in Athens heritage. The Braswell family, native to Athens, was known for its ties with the Athens Banner-Herald. According to her brother's obituary in the Athens Banner-Herald archives, Mary Ann’s father, Earl Bartow Braswell, aided with the merger of the Athens Herald and the Southern Banner in 1921 to create the Athens Banner-Herald. He then served as Publisher and President of the Banner-Herald until 1965. After his term as publisher and president, the Braswell family had little association with the newspaper, but it is clear that the family played an essential part in building the foundation for the well-known Athens Banner-Herald of today.

A photograph of a painting of Earl B. Braswell, undated

Mary Ann's life story, also beginning in Athens, coincides with her father's business and legacy. Ancestry Library Edition 1930 census records indicate Mary Ann was born in Athens in 1922. According to her own obituary in the Athens Banner-Herald archives, Mary Ann, while involving herself very little in her father's business in her youth, was an accomplished student at the University of Georgia, and moved on to become a worker in the U.S. Embassy in London for a year after her graduation. She married Lt. Colonel Edwin Cushman in 1945 and, after following him to Berlin, returned to Athens and settled here until her death in 2006, indexed in Ancestry Library Edition's U.S. Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014. She was active in the Athens community as a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the United Daughters of the Confederacy, and as president of the Women's Republican Club.

The most recent photo of Mrs. Cushman, circa 2000

The collection itself includes photographs of members of the Braswell Family and documents the life of Mary Ann Ponds Braswell Cushman. The family photos include childhood photos of Earl Bartow Braswell dated circa 1890, photos of Mary Ann’s brother John Coffee Braswell (killed in a plane crash in 1943), childhood photos of her niece and nephew John Coffee Braswell Jr. and Frances Lynn Braswell circa 1938, and a single photo of her mother, date unknown.

The photos detailing Mary Ann’s life include portraits of her as a young woman, her graduation photo from the University of Georgia, photos of her husband, their marriage, and their life together, all dated circa 1936-2006. The collection’s more interesting highlights include a photograph of a local painting of Earl B. Braswell; a letter written to Earl from Mary Ann when she was a child; Mary Ann’s Journal Magazine correspondence from her brief stint as a member of the American embassy in London circa 1943; a certificate for a pleasure cruise on the Queen Mary; and a photo of a bombed-out Brandenberg Gate taken just after the end of World War II in 1947, from her husband’s station in Berlin.

Top: A photo of the Brandenburg Gate after the bombings of WWII, Berlin, 1947, taken by Mrs. Cushman

Bottom: Ms. Braswell's UGA graduation photo, circa 1943

When viewing this collection, note the entire Braswell family’s influence in the Banner-Herald, the Athens community, and Georgia as a whole. Mary Ann’s life story is intertwined with her family’s interactions in Athens. The genealogy of the Braswell family is easily accessible through the Library’s Ancestry Library Edition database or, through census records and the Social Security Death Index. This small collection spans more than a century, from approximately 1890-2006, and has a wide range of both new and old photos which are interesting to peruse. Feel free to browse through them in the Heritage Room!

The American Heritage Project

In September 1951, under the directorship of Sarah Maret, the Athens Regional Library was selected to participate in the American Library Association’s American Heritage Project, sponsored by a $150,000 grant from the Ford Foundation. The project was designed “for the promotion and demonstration of adult community discussion programs on the American heritage and its contemporary application.” Athens Regional Library was one of just six libraries nation-wide selected for the opportunity. The other libraries were the New York Public Library, Denver Public Library, Los Angeles County Library, Vermont Free Public Library Commission, and Lacrosse Public Library in Wisconsin. At the time, the Athens Regional Library was located in the Stern House at 193 East Hancock Ave.

Athens Regional Library appointed Louis T. Griffith, an assistant professor in the University of Georgia’s Henry W. Grady School of Journalism, as director of the project, and Mrs. J.J. Wilkins as Junior Chairman of the program committee. The Library Board discussed numerous options for the project that they felt represented American heritage: the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Essays, and Huckleberry Finn. Sarah Maret traveled to New York City for the “National Institute for Administrators of the American Library Association American Heritage Program” conference, October 8-12, 1951.

Since the project included 18 films (16 mm) on deposit from the American Library Associations, films were incorporated into the program. Athens Regional Library kicked off the program with a screening of the following films on Tuesday, December 4, 1951 at 7:30 PM: Democracy; Declaration of Independence; Our Living Declaration; Thomas Jefferson; Bill of Rights; and Servant of the People. New books totaling over $1,000 were purchased for the library in honor of the program. On Tuesday, December 8, 1951 at 8:00 PM, a preview of the project was debuted at the Athens Civic Hall. The library provided a training program on U.S.A. heritage for leaders in the Athens community.

The program officially began in 1952 and included both films and readings. Here was the schedule for the Athens-Clarke County Library:

January 22 – Declaration of Independence

February 5 – Bill of Rights

February 19 – Emerson’s Essays on Self-Reliance and Politics

March 4 – Several of Lincoln’s Speeches

March 18 – Due Process of Law Denied

April 1 – Roosevelt’s 1st Inaugural Address, 2nd Inaugural Address, and Four Freedoms

April 15 – Huckleberry Finn; The River (film)

April 29 – University Declaration of Human Rights; Of Human Rights (film)

A series of eight discussions on heritage were hosted at intervals of two weeks. There were four discussion groups available to the public. The first discussion took place on Tuesday, January 22, 1952 at 8:00 PM at the Athens Civic Hall Auditorium. A report on program activities was sent to the American Library Association American Heritage Program office on March 29, 1952. The program was presented at various events throughout the year, including the Athens Agricultural Fair; the Georgia Federation of Women’s Clubs in Cochran, Georgia on March 20,1952; and the 31st annual meeting of the South Carolina Library Association on April 18-19, 1952.

The series on American heritage expanded to twenty-one other libraries in the state of Georgia, including those located in Albany, Atlanta, Augusta, Decatur, Gainesville, Macon, Rome, and Savannah. The discussion groups continued in Athens. Sarah Maret attended the 2nd American Library Association American Heritage Project in Chicago on September 2-5, 1952. The program continued in 1953 with eight discussion sessions on the following topics: Electoral College; Propaganda Analysis; Essentials of Americanism; Civil Liberties Under Attack (five sessions).


All items are part of the American Heritage Project scrapbook held in the History of the Athens-Clarke County Library collection at the Athens-Clarke County Library Heritage Room and are organized in the order in which they appear in the scrapbook. The scrapbook will be scanned in its entirety and made accessible online in the future.

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