Useful Links

Ukulele Tabs

A community to share ukulele chords for songs, new and old. *Note* To avoid legal issues, songs which are still in copyright will not include all of the lyrics.

Ukulele Underground

This online community has a very active forum, learn-to-play video lessons, and play-along-song videos. Required registration to participate on the forum. Ukulele Chord Charts

Chord charts with variations arranged by letter. *Warning* Contains ads.

Ukulele Chord Finder

Has an interactive chord diagram which includes different tunings for the ukulele. *Note* the default tuning is Soprano - D, switch to Soprano - C for the more common tuning.

Ukulele Chords -King of Charts

Has downloadable charts, chords are arranged by letter. Also includes baritone ukulele chord charts (baritones have different chords than the other sizes of ukuleles).