African American Authors Book Club

Meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 5 p.m.
At the Athens-Clarke County Library

The African American Authors Book Club is for anyone who is interested and who loves to read. The books are selected by members of the book club and are primarily books written by African American authors. Our objective is to broaden our knowledge of the many African American authors and their writings and just have fun reading.

That Devil's No Friend of Mine

Book Cover

September 13, 2011

That Devil's No Friend of Mine by J D Mason: When Bishop Fontaine passed away he left behind more than a list of good deeds. He was known as a caring friend and doting father... but he was also manipulative and controlling, especially to those he loved. His death begins to unravel deep secrets and shocking desires among the people he cared about the most...

His daughter, Kristine, feels that with her father's death she is finally free. His best friend and business partner, Lamar, feels that now can finally have what he has longed for all these years: Kristine. His protégé, Cole, the boxing champion and rising star, married a woman Bishop never approved of and may have been right about. Rayne, the blues singer and ex-junkie relied on Bishop to keep her clean and is now slipping down a dark path without him. And Rhonda, Lamar's wife, is determined to ignore what has been unfolding in front of her if it means that her predictable life will go unchanged. And then a newcomer steps onto the scene and threatens to turn everything upside down.

Five very different people whose lives are only connected by Bishop suddenly find themselves up close and personal as desires, dreams and passions collide. -Publisher

The Ideal Wife

Book Cover

April 12, 2011

The Ideal Wife by Jacqueline Thomas: Marrying a handsome, wealthy lawyer and living in a Hollywood Hills's a dream come true for twenty-four-year-old Jana, from the moment Lawrence Collins swept her off her feet and into his luxurious world. True, she put her studies at a local Bible college on hold in order to wed after a six-month whirlwind romance. Beautiful and vivacious, with a stunning body, Jana knows men like Lawrence don't come along every day, and she vows to be a perfect companion -- the ideal wife -- to this sexy, powerful man. But at what price?

From her wardrobe and hairstyle to her friends and her choice of church, Lawrence seems to want to change Jana into someone she's not...and soon, the man Jana thought she knew will test her values and her faith with a shocking revelation that goes against everything she believes. How far will Jana be willing to go to keep the man she loves? With her "ideal" marriage falling apart, Jana -- the real, modest, smart, and strong girl who knows what she stands for -- must put her trust in God, and follow His guiding light out of the darkness of a broken relationship. - Publisher

More previous titles

  • Gifted Hands by Ben Carson (Biography)
  • The Hearts of Men by Travis Hunter (Fiction)
  • Redemption Song by Bertice Berry (Fiction)
  • All the Joy You Can Stand by Debrena Jackson Gandy (Non-fiction)
  • You Can't Keep a Good Woman Down by Alice Walker (Fiction - Story Collection)
  • The Serpent's Gift by Helen Elaine Lee (Fiction)
  • God Don't Like Ugly by Mary Monroe (Fiction)
  • God Still Don't Like Ugly by Mary Monroe (Fiction)
  • Casting the First Stone by Kimberla Lawson Roby (Fiction)
  • Trouble Man : A Novel by Travis Hunter (Fiction)
  • Friends and Lovers by Eric Jerome Dickey(Fiction)
  • The Million Dollar Divorce by R. M. Johnson (Fiction)
  • P. G. County by Connie Briscoe (Fiction)
  • Married but Still Looking: A Novel by Travis Hunter (Fiction)
  • Volunteer Slavery by Jill Nelson (Non-Fiction)
  • For Freedom's Sake: The Life of Fannie Lou Hammer by Chana Kai Lee (Non-Fiction)
  • Trouble No More by Anthony Grooms (Fiction)
  • A One Woman Man by Travis Hunter (Fiction)
  • Camilla's Rose by Bernice McFadden (Fiction)
  • Brothers and Sisters by Bebe Moore Campbell (Fiction)
  • Sugar by Bernice McFadden (Fiction)
  • Blues Dancing by Diane McKinney-Whetstone (Fiction)
  • Journey to Hell and Back by Charlotte Russell Johnson (Fiction)
  • White Butterfly by Walter Mosley (Fiction)
  • What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day by Pearl Cleage (Fiction)
  • I say a Little Prayer by E. Lynn Harris (Fiction)
  • Gonna Lay Down My Burdens by Mary Monroe (Fiction)
  • Chasing Destiny by Eric Jerome Dickey (Fiction)
  • And This Too Shall Pass by E. Lynn Harris (Fiction)
  • The Honeymoon is Over by Keith Lee Johnson (Fiction)
  • Church Folk by Michele Andrea Bowen (Fiction)
  • Second Sunday by Michele Andrea Bowen (Fiction)
  • Deliver Me From Evil by Mary Monroe (Fiction)
  • Hell Has No Fury by Keith Lee Johnson (Fiction)
  • Who Does She Think She Is by Benilde Little (Fiction)
  • Don't Block The Blessings, Revelations OF A Lifetime by Patti LaBelle (Biography)
  • The Measure Of A Man by Sidney Poitier (Biography)
  • Something on the Side by Carl Weber (Fiction)
  • Written in Red Ink by Kieja Shapodee (Fiction)
  • Broken Beyond Repair by Kieja Shapodee (Fiction)
  • The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream (Nonfiction) by Barack Obama
  • Rosa Parks: My Story by Rosa Parks (Biography)
  • A Story Untold: Black Men and Women in Athens History by Michael Thurmond (Non-fiction)
  • Naughty or Nice by Eric Jerome Dickey (Fiction)
  • Keeping Misery Company by Michele Larks (Fiction)
  • Jezebel by Jacquelin Thomas (Fiction)
  • 'Til Debt do us Part by Michelle Larks (Fiction)
  • Confessions of a Preacher's Wife by Mikasenoja (Fiction)
  • Grace will lead me home by Robin Givens (Biography)
  • Shopping for Shoes: A Collection of Short Stories by Jessica Baptiste (Fiction)
  • I'm Just A Deejay But... It Makes Sense to Me by Tom Joyner (Biography)
  • Big Girls Do Cry by Carl Weber (Fiction)
  • Red Hats: a novel by Damon Wayans (Fiction)
  • Darius Jones by Mary B. Morrison (Fiction)