Medical Mayhem

Drawing of a syringe.

This genre usually revolves around a medical facility or setting where a medical practitioner of any sort uses his training or expertise for diabolical, evil motives or lucrative purposes. A mad scientist or doctor practices "unnatural" medicine. Current medical "hot topics" become nightmarish scenarios.

Authors & Titles

Hannah Alexander

Greg Bear

Robin Cook

Patricia Cornwell

Michael Crichton

Ken Follett

Tess Gerritsen

Echo Herron

Dean Koontz

John Lescroart

Michael Palmer

Ridley Pearson

Richard Preston

Leah Robinson

John Saul

Sidney Sheldon

Joshua Spanogle

Katherine Stone

F. Paul White

"Trust not the physician; His antidotes are poison, and he slays more than you rob."
- William Shakespeare

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