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Southern literature (sometimes called the literature of the American South) is defined as American literature about the Southern United States or by writers from this region. Characteristics of Southern literature include a focus on a common Southern history, the significance of family, a sense of community and one's role within it, the region's dominant religion (Christianity, See Protestantism) and the burdens/rewards religion often brings, issues of racial tension, land and the promise it brings, a sense of social class, and the use of the Southern dialect.

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A Southern List: A List of 125 Great Southern Books
"While creating the award-winning documentary series, Tell About the South: Voices in Black and White, the James Agee Film Project conducted a poll of book editors, publishers, scholars and reviewers, asking which of the thousands of Southern prose works published during the past century should be considered "the most remarkable works of modern Southern Literature."

Reader's Advice: Serious Southern Fiction
Extensive listing of authors and titles.

Southern Literary Review
Includes author profiles, original content, book reviews, critical essays and more.

Southern Scribe
"...a clearinghouse of information for working writers in the South and for those writing about the southern region. This information includes: resources for writing opportunities; research; and regional book news."

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