Young Adult Books for Adult Readers

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"No book is really worth reading at the age of ten which is not equally (and often far more) worth reading at the age of fifty." - C.S. Lewis

So You Want to Read YA?

"A good novel doesn't just transcend the boundaries of its target market--it knows nothing about target markets. Young readers have always reached above their reading level to get to meatier stories, and lately we've seen adult readers reaching into the world of teen fiction in search of the same thing--no-holds-barred storytelling. But the attraction isn't just related to the fact that young adult novels tend to have faster-paced narratives. Many of these crossover "teen" novels are satisfying to adult readers because they tap into ageless themes, namely the sense that each of us longs to know who we really are in a strange, confusing and sometimes otherworldly world. As it turns out, the search for self is a lifelong one." -Quote from Chris Silas Neal

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