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Saving Stuff: Preservation for the Family Historian Workshop Series

Saving Stuff imprinted on a vintage family photograph.

As family historians, genealogists, and citizen archivists, we are responsible for preserving the record of our family's past. But because memories are not made on one medium alone--just think of all the photographs, video footage, documents, and recordings you've accrued over your lifetime--we must familiarize ourselves with a variety of tools for keeping our family treasures safe.

To help ACCL patrons take up this charge, we proudly introduce our Fall 2015 series, Saving Stuff: Preservation for the Family Historian, which provides free, public education classes and workshops on caring for analog and digital family treasures. The series is co-sponsored by the Athens-Clarke County Library's Heritage Room and Digital Media Center.

Personal Digital Archiving of Audio & Video

Tuesday, August 18, 2015
Multipurpose Room A

Do you have one-of-a-kind family records you'd be devastated to lose? Are you the family historian, genealogist, or archivist? Do you have old home movies collecting dust, or audio recordings of lectures, recitals, or interviews with family members? Then this class is for you! As your family historian, you need to actively manage these beloved treasures to keep them available for years to come. In this class, you'll learn simple and practical strategies for keeping your personal audio and video recordings safe for future generations.

Registration is required. Please go to to reserve your spot.

Converting VHS to digital

Saturday, August 22, 2015
1-hour sessions, 9am-1pm
Digital Media Center

Do you have old VHS tapes of family and friends but no VCR?  Convert your VHS tapes to DVD with the library's digital converter.  Natalie Wright, Digital Media Librarian, will walk you through the conversion process.  Once you learn how the converter works, it will be easy for you to come in any time the library is open to convert the rest of your tapes.  Sign up for a 1 hour session, and bring a VHS tape and a blank DVD-R.  Tapes must be full size and their content must clock in at less than an hour in order to finish the conversion process during the session. Don't lose your family memories to obsolete formats! 

Videos brought in for conversion must be less than one hour. Please bring a Blank DVD-R to transfer your digital recording. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (706) 613-3650 x354.

Registration is required. Please call (706) 613-3650 x354 to reserve your spot.

Converting Vinyl to Digital

Tuesday, September 8, 2015
Multipurpose Room A

Not every band gets a remastered CD release, and while nothing replaces the sound of vinyl, it's nice to play your old favorites on your phone or mp3 player. Come to the library for a demonstration of the Digital Media Center's Album-to-Digital converter.  You'll learn how the software works and tips for getting the best results. Release the music on your old records to play anywhere you go!

Registration is required. Please go to to reserve your spot.

Personal Digital Archiving of Photographs

Tuesday, October 6, 2015
Multipurpose Room B

Keeping track of photographs has never been easy, but the task is ever more daunting with the ease and proliferation of digital photography! But, our photos have rich personal meaning. And photos are unique: if they are lost, the information they provide can never be replaced. In this class you'll learn how to scan your print photos and care for your digital photographs to best ensure their longevity.

Registration is required. Please go to to reserve your spot.

Repairing Old Photographs with Photoshop

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Appleton Auditorium
[hands-on tutorials 28th (6-8pm), 30th (3-5pm) in the DMC]

Even the best cared for old photos fade with time.  Fading, spots, stains, and tears all obscure the beauty of your old family photos, but many of these issues can be repaired with Photoshop.  Come watch a Photoshop demonstration focused on repairing old photos, and then sign up for a hands-on tutorial later in the month.  Bring your damaged family photos to the hands-on tutorial for personalized instruction in scanning and repair.  Also bring a flash drive or CD to save your scans at the end of the tutorial.

Registration is required. Please go to to reserve your spot.

Converting Cassette Tapes to Digital

Tuesday, November 10, 2015
Multipurpose Room C

Do you have a family interview or perhaps a family member's musical performance on cassette tape?  You can convert it to a digital file to listen to on your mp3 player or share with other family members online.  Come to the library for a demonstration of the Digital Media Center's Cassette-to-Digital converter.  Learn how to use the software and tips for getting the best results.  Don't lose your family memories to obsolete formats!

Registration is required. Please go to to reserve your spot.

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