Appendix B - Sick Leave Chart

Hours worked per week Hours sick leave due per month
20 5
21 5.5
22 5.5
23 6
24 6
25 6.5
26 6.5
27 7
28 7
29 7.5
30 7.5
31 8
32 8
33 8.5
34 8.5
35 9
36 9
37 9.5
38 9.5
39 10
40 10

H.6.b. Sick Leave

Sick leave is accumulated to be taken as time off for illness, injury, other medical-related necessities, and for purposes covered by the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act. Employees may use sick leave for immediate family members who require the employee's care for injury, illness, and other medical-related necessities. For the purposes of sick leave, the immediate family is defined as parent, child, spouse, domestic partner, or legal dependent. Pets or other animals are not included.


Salaried employees accrue sick leave. Hourly and Temporary employees do not earn sick leave.

Rate of Accrual

Full-time salaried employees earn and accrue sick leave at the rate of 10 hours per month.

Part-time salaried employees earn and accrue on a pro-rated basis as indicated in the chart below. Temporary and permanent reductions in hours worked will reduce the annual leave hours accrued.

Sick leave is accrued while employees are on approved annual leave, sick leave, and during Family Medical Leave Act phases.

Employees do not earn sick leave while on approved unpaid leave.


Sick leave may be accrued according to the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia's rules pertaining to the maximum number of days allowed, but not beyond.

Employees will not be paid for unused sick leave upon separation from library employment. Employees may apply sick leave toward retirement benefits under the regulations of the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia.

Using Sick Leave

Employees must report, according to established procedures in the libraries and/or departments, the need to take sick leave prior to their scheduled work times, or, if they have already reported to work, the need to leave prior to the end of their shift.

Sick leave must be taken in one-half hour or hourly increments.

Medical Certification

A medical excuse signed by a licensed health care professional may be required to substantiate use of sick leave under the following conditions:

  • If sick leave is claimed for three or more consecutive working days.
  • Certifying employees' fitness for work before returning to work following a lengthy illness, surgery, or injury.

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