Article G - Methods of Appointment

Regular Appointment

Regular appointment to full and part-time permanent position shall occur after the procedures outlined in Article F have been completed. All employees appointed under this method shall serve a probationary period as described in Article H.


A promotion is advancement of any eligible staff member to a higher position where the maximum salary is greater. Promotions are based on qualifications and on how well duties are performed. It is library policy to fill vacancies when possible by promotion from within the library staff. However, it is sometimes necessary to advertise positions and employ persons from outside the library for positions requiring special experience or skills. While there are several factors which influence promotions and advancement, ability to perform the work, support of library’s philosophy and goals, and attitude are the most important factors. The employee’s work record and dependability are very important and will be considered.

The following policy is established for promoting qualified employees to fill higher level positions. Eligible employees will be able to apply for an open position in the following way:

  • Open positions will be posted.
  • Preference for consideration for the listed positions is given in the following order:
    • Those employees within the work group of the opening
    • Employees within the team of the opening.
    • Employees in related groups outside the team who would need the least amount of training.
    • Employees from other teams.
  • If there are two or more employees whose qualifications are similar, seniority will be a part of the selection decision.
  • Outside applicants are only to be considered after the deadline passes for in-house applicants
  • Factors to be considered in promotions include education, experience in present and previous jobs, performance record, ability, character and skill.
  • An employee must do the following to be considered for a promotion:
    • Have completed the six month probationary period.
    • Have been in the present position at least 6 months.
    • Have notified the department manager that he is applying for the position.


  1. The promotion from within policy allows any employee the right to inquire about the position before notifying his supervisor.
  2. The team leader first interviews applicants to see if they are suitable for the position and to find out about the employee’s work habits.
  3. Promoted employees have a six month probationary period in the new job.
  4. If at any time during this probationary time the team leader decides the employee is not suitable for the position, the employee will be offered a transfer to one that he or she is qualified for. This position will not necessarily be the same one held before promotion.
  5. The promotion policy does not apply to the following:
    • temporary opening
    • reassignments - if it’s a reorganization within the library
    • reassignment - if this is a case to clear personnel disagreements or compensate for other problems.


If an employee is moved to a position with a maximum salary lower that that for the previous position, this is considered a demotion. If the move was not voluntary, the employee may appeal it. If the employee has asked to be assigned to another position in a lower classification, this is still defined as a demotion. If an employee appeals a demotion on the basis of educational training, certification and experience, said employee is required to present proof of educational qualifications and documented evidence of past experience and areas of past management and supervision.

Lateral Transfers and Administrative Reassignment

A lateral transfer is a move to a position similar to the one presently held and in a comparable salary range. An employee may apply for a lateral transfer within the library system if there are openings. The library director has full authority to make transfers of personnel within the library where needs of the system are paramount.

The library director reserves the right to issue mandatory reassignment to any employee qualifying for transfer when it is determined to be in the best interest of the library to do so. Administrative reassignment shall not be used for disciplinary or capricious reasons, and may be temporary or permanent. Employee(s) and supervisor(s) affected by the reassignment will receive as much advance notice of the transfer as possible.

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