Article I - Separation

Types of Separation

Employees of the library system are separated from employment through resignation, compulsory resignation, retirement, lay-off, dismissal, disability, or death.


Resignation is a personal decision, submitted in writing, to leave the employment of the library for reasons determined by the individual resigning. Employees who resign for any reason should give their supervisors at least two weeks notice. A shorter period may be agreed upon by the supervisor, employee, and director. The Business Manager will provide information about continuing health insurance coverage and withdrawing retirement contributions.

Compulsory Resignation

If any employee is absent for three consecutive days without notifying the appropriate supervisor, the library will assume voluntary resignation, barring extenuating circumstances.


The retirement of an employee shall consist of the voluntary separation of an employee who has met the requirements under the Teachers Retirement System.

Applications for retirement benefits should be completed and mailed to the Teacher’s Retirement System at least 90 days prior to retirement date. The Business Manager has the appropriate paperwork.


In the event of State or County requirements, financial hardship, absence of sufficient work, or a change in the library’s organizational structure, the Board may take action to reduce personnel costs. If circumstances require that the library staff be reduced in number, affected employees will be given as much notice as possible before this occurs. Action prior to layoff are reduction of hours, reduction of salary, and/or reduction by attrition. Criteria for layoff will be: 1) performance; 2) essential nature of position; 3) seniority.


Dismissals shall constitute discharges or separations and shall be governed by the provisions set forth in these policies.


The library director, at the library system’s expense, may require an employee of the library system to be examined by a physician or other appropriate medical professional designated by the library director to determine medical disability of that employee. A written report to the library director will be provided by the medical professional stating their findings. When a disability is discovered that impairs the effectiveness of the employee to perform his or her job or makes the continuation of the job a danger for the employee, patrons or library system the following action may be taken:

  1. If the disability is correctable, the employee shall be allowed a reasonable specified time, as determined by the library director, to have it corrected. Such time will be charged as sick leave. If the employee does not have accrued sick leave, then such time will be charged to annual leave. If the employee does not have accrued annual leave, then such time will be charged as leave without pay. If the employee fails to take action to have the disability corrected within the specified time, the employee may be subject to disciplinary action or dismissal.
  2. If, in the opinion of the examining medical professional, the disability cannot be corrected, the library director will attempt to re-assign the employee to a job position which the employee can perform satisfactorily. If successful placement cannot be accomplished, the library director shall take steps to separate the employee from the library through retirement, or dismissal.


Separation shall be effective as the date of the death of the employee. All compensation due to such employee as of the effective date of separation shall be paid to the beneficiary of the employee, the surviving spouse of such employee or to the estate of such employee as may be determined by law or by the applicable executed documents in the personnel folder of such employee.

Turn in of Property and Equipment

At the time of separation and prior to final payment of a terminating employee, all records, assets, keys and other items of library property in the employee’s personal custody shall be transferred to the Administrative Assistant.

Rights of Employees

Employees who separate shall receive payment for all earned salary and those employees who have earned annual leave shall receive payment for all earned annual leave at the time of separation.

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