Article W - Dress Code

Library staff’s appearance and manner is an advertisement for the library system and provides a level of expectation for its service. Dress code for public service and administrative library personnel will be that of a professional business person. Appropriate business attire suitable for a professional environment providing direct service to the general public should be worn. Maintenance personnel and staff performing functions that require special clothing needs appropriate to their regular tasks should dress as required to perform the job. Clothing should be clean, neat, and mended. Good personal hygiene is expected. Employees who do not dress appropriately will be counseled on an individual basis.

Public image plays an important role in developing and maintaining support for the library. In order to maintain a public image consistent with a professional organization, each staff member’s dress and grooming should be appropriate for a public business environment and in keeping with his or her work assignment. Health and safety standards must also be considered in dressing for work.

Clothing and accessories must be neat and clean and should not draw inappropriate or disruptive attention to the individual. Staff members working with the public or in office settings must dress appropriately for a casual business environment. Staff and volunteers who primarily shelve materials, work outdoors, or whose work is confined to the back office areas may dress more casually, but standards still apply.