Patron Responsibilities and Conduct

The Athens Regional Library System and its libraries exist to provide open and equitable access to resources and services which meets information needs and enhances the quality of life in the diverse communities served. To ensure an environment useful, safe, and enjoyable for all patrons, and to protect the library's resources, the Athens Regional Library Board of Trustees has established the following standards defining acceptable behavior for those who visit and use the library [O.C.G.A. § 20-5-43].  Visitors to the libraries are expected to be engaged in activities associated with the use of public libraries while on or in any of the libraries' properties. Visitors who choose to violate these standards for behavior may be subject to a restriction or loss of library privileges.

The following actions, as well as any other behavior that disrupts the public use of the library, are prohibited.

Other restrictions include:

All library employees and volunteers are mandated reporters of suspected child abuse. [O.C.G.A. § 19-7-5].

Persons violating these rules, or any other library policy, will be first warned by library staff or a security officer at the time of the offense. If the conduct continues, the offender will be instructed to leave the library for the day. Library staff or security officers may expel the offender without a warning in situations of serious, threatening, or malicious behavior. Offenders who refuse to leave the library premises will be subject to arrest and prosecution for criminal trespass pursuant to Official Code of Georgia  § 16-7-21.

Repeated violation of behavior policies may result in an official suspension of library privileges, based on an established schedule of offenses and consequences established by the library.