Public Information Distribution, Display, and Exhibits Policy

Public Information Distribution, Display, and Exhibits Policy

The Athens-Clarke County Library Board of Trustees establishes policy for use of bulletin boards, brochure racks, galleries, cases and all other display spaces in the Athens-Clarke County Library and all Athens-Clarke County branches. This policy covers all areas of library campuses, including outdoor property, parking lots and grounds.

Complaints about this policy or about the content of any postings, brochures, exhibits or displays at the library should be addressed in writing to the Director of the Athens Regional Library System (ARLS) for local review by the Athens-Clarke County Library Board as outlined on the library's Request for Reconsideration Form. If necessary, an appeal is heard by the ARLS Board of Trustees. Their decision will be final.

Public Display & Distribution of Publicity & Information at the Library

The library makes available a limited, specifically designated space for display and distribution of information, publicity, and notices. Posters, flyers, brochures, and other handouts may be added only by the following: Athens-Clarke County Library; the library's sponsored groups and partners; entities of the library's government funding agencies. Materials left at the library by other people, organizations, or businesses will be removed and discarded. People, groups, or organizations reserving public meeting spaces in the library may display and distribute materials inside those areas during their reserved meeting times.

Exhibits & Displays

An exhibit or display is anything housed for a definite or indefinite period of time in, and is not the property of, the Athens Regional Library System.

The library welcomes the opportunity to allow community groups, organizations and individuals to use designateddisplay areas of each library. Space is provided to encourage displays of an educational, cultural, civic or recreational nature rather than commercial or political purpose.

Exhibits are seen by anyone who enters the library. The materials of the exhibits must meet what is generally known as "a standard acceptable to the community," which includes no child pornography, obscenity or materials harmful to minors.

Space for exhibits must be reserved in advance. Exhibits will normally be scheduled for up to one calendar month. All exhibits will be handled by Administration and will be on a first-come, first served basis.

The Library is not responsible for any items/exhibits housed at the Library and this release form must be signed prior to use of library space acknowledging this information.

Works to be displayed on walls must be ready and suitable for hanging.

If the artist posts prices for selling art work on exhibit, the library will require a consignment fee of 30%.  All sales will be handled through the Library Store or designated library personnel.  The person or group creating the exhibit or display may post their name, address and phone number as part of the exhibit.

Transporting, housing, displaying, maintaining and storing of exhibits are the responsibility of the exhibitors.  No exhibit will be accepted which requires special attention, handling and/or maintenance by Library staff, however, the Library reserves the right to rearrange and to remove an exhibit if exhibition space is needed for a Library-related display.

No person or group shall be discriminated against because of race, sex, age, marital status, physical disability, political affiliation, or religion.

Complaints about both the exhibit display policy and or/ the content of or an exhibit or display, should be addressed in writing to the Branch Manager or Director or the Athens-Clarke County Library for local review. If necessary, an appeal is heard by the Athens Regional Library System Board of Trustees.  Their decision will be final.

Exhibit Release Form

I, the undersigned, hereby lend the following works of art or other material to the branch library of the Athens Regional Library System named below for exhibit purposes. In consideration of the privilege of exhibiting materials, I release the Library system from responsibility for loss, damage or destruction beyond normal insurance coverage while they are in the possession of the Library.

Exhibition to be held in __________________________________ area of Library.

Time Period:_______________________________________________
Description of Materials and value:





Name:  _________________________________________________________________

Address:  _______________________________________________________________

Phone No.:_______________________ Email address: _______________________

Date: __________________________

Download a printable copy of the Exhibit Policy and Release Form.

Revised by the Athens Regional Library System Board of Trustees
July 8, 2014

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