Acceptable Wireless Use Agreement

Users of the Athens Regional Library's wireless connectivity must agree to the following:

Terms of Use

Failure to follow the terms of use listed below may result in the patron being asked to sever his/her connections and leave the building.

  1. Wireless users must not attempt to access or damage the library's network.
  2. While using the Athens Regional Library's connection, wireless users may not use the Internet in any way that violates a Federal or State Law, including but not limited to copyright, fraud, obscenity and privacy legislation.
  3. Wireless users must not behave in a manner that is disruptive to other library patrons or library staff. Please see our policy for Patron Responsibilities and Conduct for details.
  4. Earphones must be used if sound is to be activated through a wireless unit.
  5. Printing is not available from wireless units. 6. Wireless users are responsible for bringing their own wireless-enabled laptop computer or other device to the Library and for bringing a fully charged battery, since public electric outlets may not be available.
  6. Library filtering cannot be bypassed for wireless users since this would require staff to alter configuration settings on the user's laptop. If unfiltered access to the internet is required, library computers can be enabled for this purpose.
  7. Wireless service is limited to adults (ages 17 and up) and may be limited to certain areas of the library.