Article F - Recruitment and Selection

Affirmative Action Plan and Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

The library supports an Affirmative Action process designed to insure that all persons have opportunities in recruitment, selection, appointment, promotion, training, discipline, and related areas. This process is designed to govern employment practices and procedures affecting present and potential library employees. All actions are governed by the principles of selecting the best qualified person for employment without regard to race, color, religious creed, sex, age, national origin, handicap or veteran status. (Civil Rights Compliance Statement, Athens Regional Library Board Minutes)

The library does not discriminate against a qualified individual with a disability, in regard to job application procedures: the hiring, advancement, or discharge of employees; employee compensation or job training; and other terms, conditions, and privileges of employment.

That means we are especially careful to avoid illegal activities in the following areas:

  • Failure to make reasonable accommodation.
  • Limiting, segregating or classifying job applicant or employees in a way that hurts their status or opportunity because of a disability.
  • Entering into contracts or other arrangements which subject applicants or employees with a disability to discrimination.
  • Using standards or methods of administration that discriminates on the basis of disability.
  • Excluding or denying equal jobs or benefits to a qualified individual because of the known disability of a person with whom the qualified person is known to have a relationship.
  • Employment tests, qualification standards and selection criteria must be jobrelated for the position and consistent with business necessity.
  • Employment tests, qualification standards and selection criteria must reflect skills and aptitude for the job.

(Based upon Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990)

Procedures for Filling Vacant Position

  1. Application forms are available at the headquarters library and at all branches. Completed applications must be returned to the specific location where the vacancy exists unless otherwise instructed.
  2. Vacant positions are posted for current staff, listing required qualifications, duties, hours and salary. Current staff wishing to be considered for the position will be interviewed IF they meet all job requirements. If more than three(3) current staff apply, the team leader may select the top 3 candidates for interviews. After these interviews are completed the team leader may opt to consider outside candidates if he/she does not find an in-house candidate who is best for the position. The library is not required to select an in-house candidate for any position.
  3. If in-house candidates are not available or suitable, the current application file will be searched for candidates meeting job requirements. (Applications are kept on file for 12 months from the date the application is completed. Files are checked on a monthly basis.) Preliminary telephone calls may be made to determine suitability of schedule, etc. prior to scheduling of interviews.
  4. If no suitable candidates are found in the current application file, or if special skills and abilities are required for the position, classified advertisements will be placed in the local papers. For professional openings, ads may be placed in professional journals as well. Professional positions will be announced statewide to public libraries.
  5. Exceptions to this policy would be approved departmental reorganization, elimination of a position, or naming an employee in an “acting” capacity.
  6. A minimum of three (3) candidates will be interviewed for each available position.
  7. Positions will be offered in writing and an acceptance letter in writing will be required. It is our policy that all candidates interviewed will be notified of the results of the search.

Selection procedures may vary according to location. According to the region’s Constitution and Bylaws, the regional system director will make recommendations for employment in branches in consultation with the local board. At the headquarters library, the library director has responsibility for all personnel actions. Persons are hired for a specific position but are employed by the Athens Regional Library System rather than the local library.


The library director may remove from further consideration the application of an applicant who:

  1. Does not meet the minimum qualifications established for the position.
  2. Has failed to submit his/her application within the prescribed time limit.
  3. Has made false statement of material fact or practices deception in his/her application.
  4. Has an employment record of such a nature as to demonstrate unsuitability for employment by the library.
  5. Has been convicted of a felony or otherwise exhibited dishonesty or public conduct offensive to the sensitivity of the public at large.
  6. Has any other background information which may be detrimental to employment by the library.
  7. The applicant may be required to furnish proof of education, librarian certification for the State of Georgia, military service or any other documentation necessary.

Selection of Director

The Athens Regional Library Board has the ultimate responsibility for the selection of the Library Director. The Board shall establish procedures and criteria for the search process based on current Georgia law and requirements for the position.

New Employee Records

The Business Manager or Administrative Assistant must receive the following records for new employees prior to the close of the first week of employment:

  1. Application Form
  2. Federal and State Tax Withholding Declarations
  3. Employment Eligibility Verification Form or appropriate INS ID card.
  4. Georgia Professional Librarian Certification and work history paperwork, if applicable.
  5. Health Insurance and benefits, if applicable.
  6. Teachers Retirement forms, if applicable.
  7. Employee Information Sheet
  8. Voluntary Affirmative Action Information
  9. Signed Drug Free Policy Statement

Relatives in Employment

To facilitate fair treatment of all employees, relatives of a current employee of the library may be employed by the library system subject to the following regulations:

  1. Relatives will not be given special consideration for job vacancies and must compete openly with all other applicants.
  2. No applicant may be interviewed by a relative.
  3. No employee will be allowed to supervise a relative or a member of his/her household.
  4. Relatives of current staff will not be given special consideration during the course of employment.

B. 6. Workplace Relationships

B. 6. a. Family Relationships

To facilitate fair treatment of all employees, relatives of a current employee of the library may be employed by the library system subject to the following regulations:

  1. Relatives of staff will not be given special consideration for job vacancies or during the course of employment if hired. No applicant may be interviewed or hired by a relative.
  2. No employee will be allowed to supervise a relative or a member of her/his family.
  3. Relatives may not work in the same department or report to the same supervisor.

B. 6. b. Romantic Relationships

For purposes of this policy, “romantic relationship” is defined as a relationship that involves dating, intimacy, sexual contact, or marriage.

A romantic relationship between a supervisor and a subordinate employee is considered a conflict of interest and is prohibited, as it may lead to claims of favoritism or bias in work assignments, evaluation, or discipline, or may result in claims of sexual harassment.

If a romantic relationship between a supervisor and a subordinate employee should develop, it shall be the responsibility of the supervisor to promptly disclose the existence of the relationship to the Human Resources Office.

Upon learning of the existence of a romantic relationship, ARLS administration will evaluate whether any conflict of interest exists and take any appropriate steps to resolve any conflict. At a minimum, measures will include ensuring the parties involved no longer work together on matters where one could influence the other. In some cases a change in work assignment might be appropriate, in which case one employee or the other must accept the proposed reassignment or elect to resign.

Personnel Files

All requests for information about a current, retired or terminated employee must be referred to the Administrative Staff. These individuals may disclose to prospective employers dates of employment, final title or position and job location. With the employee’s written permission, they may give any other information specified on the separation form.

An employee may examine his or her personnel records in the presence of administrative staff, and has the right to request a correction, ask for a deletion, or write a statement of disagreement with any item in the file, but may not remove any item from the file.

Any person acting with the employee’s permission will be entitled to review the employee's complete personnel file or any specifically designated parts thereof, during library business hours, PROVIDED a written and notarized authorization is signed by the employee and delivered to the Director for inclusion in the employee’s personnel file. Employee shall be notified of any official request to view their file.

This shall not prevent the supervisor, the Library Director, the Library Board or designated staff members from having access to the records in connection with discharge of duties or upon the order of an appropriate legal order or process.

Personnel Records

Personnel records shall be kept up to date. Records of personnel no longer employed by the library shall be retained in accordance with state and federal law. Such records may be kept in their original form or in other duplicate form as the Library Director deems appropriate. Pre-employment assessment files and employment applications for applicants not hired shall be retained in accordance with state and federal law.

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