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Athens Rising 2 flyer

Athens Rising 2: Transmittance Film Screening
Not Rated but PG equivalent: Contains mild language
Runtime: 102 minutes

James Preston

Athens-Clarke County Library
Appleton Auditorium
2025 Baxter Street
Athens, Georgia
706 613 3650 x343

Tuesday, October 22, 7:00 pm

"We will transmit this City, not only not less, but greater and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us." - The Athenian Oath  

Athens-Clarke County Library presents a special FREE showing of the new film Athens Rising 2: Transmittance on October 22 at 7:00 pm. Local filmmaker James Preston will be on hand to introduce the film and take questions from the audience afterwards.

In his second Athens Rising documentary, Preston looks at the creative class in Athens, GA through the lens of our unique organizations & institutions, the artists they inspire, the community we build, and our collective potential.  Athens Rising 2: Transmittance "captures the hope, the drive, the power, and the love of this fault-line riven, beautiful, and flawed city." - Brent Temple

Subjects include ATHICA, Avid Bookshops, Canopy Studio, The Lyndon House, Nuçi's Space, The Wild Rumpus, Chef Peter Dale (Condor Chocolate, Maepole, The National, Seabear), and the work of Mokah & Knowa Johnson (AADM, Athens in Harmony, Athens Hip Hop Awards). The film features music from Claire Campbell, Murk Daddy Flex, White Rabbit Collective, Foreign, and Annie Leeth.


BrassAthens, GA: Inside/Out
Film Screening & Panel Discussion

Vanessa Briscoe Hay
William Orten (“Ort”) Carlton
Bill Cody
Bob Hay
Arthur Johnson
Paul Butchart

Athens-Clarke County Library
Appleton Auditorium
2025 Baxter Street
Athens, Georgia
706 613 3650 x343

Wednesday, October 16, 6:30 pm

Please join us at the library for a very special evening on October 16: We will present a screening of the iconic film Athens, GA: Inside/Out at 6:30 in the Appleton Auditorium. The film documents the Athens music scene during its nascent era during the early- and mid-1980s, and features vintage footage of legendary bands The B-52s, R.E.M., Pylon, Love Tractor, as well as Howard Finster, Ort, Jim Herbert, and many more.

Producer Bill Cody will be on hand to introduce the film, and he will bring some clips with him from Athens, GA/Thirty Years On…, the sequel to Inside/Out - an update featuring not just music, but also the new political landscape, the beginnings of racial reconciliation downtown, and strong women.

Following the screening, we will have a panel discussion featuring some of the people in the original film: Vanessa Briscoe Hay (Pylon), Bob Hay (Squalls), Arthur Johnson (Bar-B-Q Killers), Ort, and others, moderated by local music historian Paul Butchart.

The program is free and open to the public.


Kissane Flyer

Tracing History:
Rubbings of Monumental Brasses from Medieval England
Nancy Kissane

Athens-Clarke County Library
Quiet Gallery
2025 Baxter Street
Athens, Georgia
706 613 3650 x343

Exhibition • Quiet Gallery • October 13—November 24, 2019
Gallery Talk • Quiet Gallery • Sunday, October 13 • 3:00 pm

Medieval churches throughout Great Britain, Scotland, and Europe contain a range of treasures which provide unique and interesting artifacts of excellent craftsmanship. Of particular interest are engraved brass plaques, since they were laid down inside of the churches as portraits in memory of the deceased. Memorial brasses are tombstones that were engraved on brass plates and laid into stone.

Are you interested in seeing a true reproduction of a medieval knight's armor? Monumental memorial plaques are found on churches beginning in 12th century England. Rubbings are done on site at these churches and they depict knights, priests, women in full regalia and costumes of the times. Mrs. Nancy Kissane lived in England in 1969, where she did rubbings from various churches in Cambridgeshire.

Brass rubbings are a method of reproducing, on paper, monumental brasses found across Western Europe. These reproductions are made by taping a large piece of paper across the brass, then rubbing carefully and smoothly with a piece of heelball, a hard wax mixed with lampblack, across the entire brass. This action transfers the texture of the image onto the paper.

Time, erosion, and even theft have caused restricted access to some of these monumental memorial plaques. Come see these beautiful and unique rubbings at the Athens-Clarke County Library and see a piece of history, immortalized in these beautiful plaques, from a long time ago.

Athens in Our Lifetimes
Recalling the Evolution of Our Town Over The Last Six Decades
Kathy Prescott, Grady Thrasher, Matt DeGennaro

Athens-Clarke County Library
Appleton Auditorium
2025 Baxter Street
Athens, Georgia
706 613 3650 x343

Saturday, September 28 • 2:30 pm

Athens in Our Lifetimes is a documentary about the lives and times of Athenians during the last six decades, detailing the twists and turns our town has taken over the years, and providing an oral history of Athens from the 1960s until now. Athens residents, producers and directors Kathy Prescott and Grady Thrasher, along with photographer and digital editor Matt DeGennaro, trace the evolution of Athens as a community, told by ninety Athenians from different walks of life interviewed about their experiences living here.

Prescott, Thrasher & DeGennaro first worked together on The World’s Smallest Airport, a film about Grady’s family who developed an aerial circus at Athens-Ben Epps Airport in 1945, and became nationally known as they toured up and down the east coast. Prescott and Thrasher’s company is Sunnybank Films, and they later hatched the idea for Athens in Our Lifetimes, which was released in 2017. It is having its premiere ACC Library screening on September 28 at 2:30 pm, and Grady and Kathy will be on hand to introduce the film and answer questions from the audience.

Bridge to the Second Century:
The Athens Art Association, 1919–2019

Athens-Clarke County Library
Appleton Auditorium/Quiet Gallery
2025 Baxter Street
Athens, Georgia
706 613 3650

Artists’ Talk/Reception Sunday, August 11 • 2:30 pm
Exhibition August 10 - October 5, 2019

Athens-Clarke County Library is pleased to welcome an exhibition of the current membership of the Athens Art Association during its centennial year. The show will be in the Quiet Gallery from August 10 through October 5, and several of the artists will gather in the Appleton Auditorium on August 11 at 2:30 to talk about their work, and about the history of the Art Association. A reception will follow.

The Athens Art Association is a non-profit organization established in 1919 for the advancement of visual arts in Athens, Georgia. Athens Art Association supports local artists by creating opportunities to exhibit their art and network with other artists and everyone that loves art and volunteering in festivals, demonstrations, and special events.   Early members include founder Laura Blackshear, Millie Dearing, Sally Goodwin, and Lucy Stanton. Lamar Dodd joined the group in 1937, and was a frequent contributors to events and lectures.

The Athens Art Association volunteers at art festivals, sponsors awards at juried shows, and donates to local educational institutions. The Athens Art Association supports local artists by creating opportunities for exhibitions and networking with other artists and everyone that loves art, no matter where they are in their artistic journey.

The exhibit will feature work of 45 current members such as Alice Pruitt, Connee Flynn, Margaret Agner, Yvonne Studevan, Bob Clements, Hildegard Timberlake, and Harold Rittenberry who have both ended the organization’s first century and represent the beginning of the second century. The show is organized and curated by Christine Langone, an Emerita Professor in Leadership Education at UGA. This is part of a year long series of exhibitions by the Art Association at the Georgia Museum of Art, Lyndon House Arts Center, State Botanical Garden, and at other locations.



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