Baby boomers, children born between 1946 and 1964, are self-described change makers. Our numbers peaked in 1957; that's when more babies were born per capita than any time before or since. Born in the post World War II era, we were raised optimistic - we grew up during a time of relative prosperity.

The boomers participated in important changes in our society: civil rights, women's rights, gay and lesbian rights, the Vietnam war and war protests, the cold war, and the Dr. Spock parenting movement to name a few. Now, as we become older adults we will remodel (maybe revolutionize) what it means to become older.

Boomers, as a group, are healthier and better educated than previous generations. We have more time to enjoy life, because our life expectancy is longer. We have never followed lock-step in the footsteps of our elders. As we leave the workplace and enter retirement, chances are we will change what services libraries and museums provide and how they deliver them.

So the Athens Regional Library and Lyndon House Arts Center have partnered with us to develop a new service model for older adults. Thanks to a grant from IMLS, we will have cutting edge technology at our fingertips to help us explore new programs and new ways to deliver them to our diverse Boomer population. We hope to develop a stronger sense of community - to discover what we have in common and to celebrate our individuality. Our goal is to engage and encourage active Boomers in the Athens area.

During the next three years, with the help of an advisory board and all who are willing to participate (That means YOU!) we will develop

  • monthly Community Snapshots (see Community Snapshots Link for more details)
  • an annual event hosted by the partners
  • special Boomer related exhibitions at the Lyndon House Arts Center

At the same time we will be creating a "Best Practices" model for public libraries and museums around the country.

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