Reflecting, Sharing, Learning

Eddie Whitlock, who has community-wide fame for his humor especially as he works behind the circulation desk in the Athens Library on Baxter Street, just published his first novel.  Eddie joined Madeline Darnell, program coordinator for the IMLS grant, Reflecting, Sharing, Learning, for a conversation about his new book, Evil is Always Human. Be sure to see this entertaining and interesting tale of Eddie's inspiration.

The scissors in the background are placed deliberately, but you'll have to read the book to find out why.

An afternoon with Gail Karwoski, award winning children's book author.

Ever dream of writing your own picture book for children?  At one time author Gail Karwoski had that same dream.

For an audience of children, parents and grandparents, Gail told the story of how her book, Water Beds: Sleeping in the Ocean, originated, was written and illustrated. Gail started out wondering how mammals, who are air breathing animals like humans, could sleep in the ocean without drowning. She told her audience about how she worked with an artist to illustrate her words, then showed us how it was printed when she finished writing. Children will enjoy this, too.


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