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Retirement seemed a long way away to a few members of the audience on October 25, but they were glad they came when finance educator Allison Spiers showed them a dramatic slide of how savings can compound over time when you've got 30 or more years to save. This, and other good information about retirement savings was the topic of our most recent Community Snapshot, "Retirement Mistakes to Avoid."

For those who don't have that much time to save for retirement, Alison gave some good tips on diversifying savings to minimize risks.  "Some risks you don't have any control over, like how many years you'll have for retirement and the rates of return you'll earn on your money," she explained.  But there are risks you can control and she discussed these in the Community Snapshot.

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Athens, GA is home to an extra large "Silver Tsunami" because it has been listed in popular publications like Forbes Magazine as a great place to retire. The term "silver Tsunami" refers to the swell in population of people born between 1946 to 1964, commonly called Baby Boomers. Many of us in that generation wonder if our communities will be ready to support the large number of us as we age.

A great help in preparing Athens is a new initiative called The Athens Village. Jennie Deese, president and CEO of the Athens Community Council on Aging, and a host of ACCA staff and volunteers are working on establishing The Village right now.  It is scheduled to launch in October, 2012.

Basically The Village is not brick-and-mortar but a network of services, discounts, wellness education and events designed to be just plain fun. Although Villages are popping up all over the U.S. ours will be the first in the Southeast, and the fist ever to be connected to a Council on Aging.

Hhear the recorded version of the Community Snapshot presentation by Jennie and KaDee Holt, outreach coordinator at ACCA, outlining what the village is and is not, and who can join.


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