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Athens educator, writer, and community activist Montu Miller hosts a special program, Birth of a Nation, commemorating the Nat Turner slave rebellion of 1831, and the new film opening later this year.

Nat Turner was an enslaved African American who led a rebellion of slaves and free blacks in Southampton County, Virginia on August 21, 1831, that resulted in the deaths of 55 to 65 white people. In retaliation, enraged white militias and mobs killed more than 200 black people in the course of putting down the rebellion. The rebellion and its aftermath fueled the abolitionist movement. Fox Searchlight will release The Birth of a Nation on October 7, 2016.

Montu Miller is the Ambassador of the Athens HipHop Community, co-founder/chief administrator for DMZ Family and ATHfactor Entertainment Group, a dedicated special education paraprofessional (Clarke Central High School). During the 2004 Keep Right Album tour, he traveled the country as an archivist/videographer for musicians KRS-ONE and Ishues.

The event is Sponsored by Reflecting, Sharing, Learning in cooperation with the Office for Diversity, Literacy and Outreach Services of the American Library Association, The United Nations Remember Slavery Program. For more information, visit

Recorded Tuesday, August 23, 2016, Athens-Clarke County Library, Athens Georgia.

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Photo of Martin Luther King JrAthens has been celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with style for many years. There's music, poetry, and visual art at Lyndon House Arts Center and hundreds of volunteers ready to put in a hard day's work  to make significant improvements to the community.

Montu Miller, Dawn Aiello, and Stacee Farrell have teamed up to create an interesting program about the way the Athens area celebrates MLK Jr. Day.  Montu has for several years curated the art and performances at Lyndon House Arts Center, which are held the Sunday before the holiday.  Dawn is currently the organizer of the day of service and can help people find the best project for their interests and talents. Stacee was the organizer in the early years and will describe some amazing accomplishments made on this day.

In 2002, four hundred volunteers removed 30 tons of debris from the Gospel Pilgrim Cemetery beginning a transformation of the cemetery from an abandoned property to a visitor destination. Over the years volunteers have increased to more than a thousand and they do a variety of tasks like planting bulbs and trees, building ramps, clearing kudzu, and creating gardens with local businesses and organizations donating generous matching funds.


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