Reflecting, Sharing, Learning

Kilauea: Earth’s Most Active Volcano

Dr David Dallmeyer, UGA Geology Professor Emeritus


Athens-Clarke County Library • Appleton Auditorium

2025 Baxter Street • Athens, Georgia • 706 613 3650 x343


Thursday, June 7, 1:30 pm

Kilauea is one of five large shield volcanoes that comprise the island of Hawai’i. The Island is part of a chain of Pacific volcanic islands and seamounts that extend more than 3,700 miles to the Aleutian peninsula. Kilauea has been continuously active since 1983, erupting lava sourced from a permanently sited, deep-mantle magma hot spot. The recent 2018 volcanic activity has been spewing clouds of ash and smoke over the Puna area.

This program will describe the origin of the Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain, and take a look at the history of volcanic activity in the Hawaiian Archipelago. Eruptive styles and lava flow characters will be illustrated with video and a representative suite of Kilauea volcanic rocks on display for examination.

David Dallmeyer is Emeritus Professor of Geology at the University of Georgia, and a member of the Environmental Ethics Faculty. His teaching and research have focused on the processes and chronology of mountain building and plate tectonics with fieldwork on all continents. He organized several research expeditions in cooperation with the U.S. Antarctic Research Program and also has directed research programs in the British Isles, West Africa, China, Greenland, Svalbard, Norway and the Andes of Chile and Peru. David served as director of a United Nations (UNESCO) project that included organization of research excursions to Norway, Spain, Mauritania, France and Japan. He is a frequent presenter for The Osher Lifelong Learning Program at the University of Georgia (OLLI@UGA).

The program is one of a series of events co-sponsored by OLLI@UGA and Reflecting, Sharing, Learning. The program is free and open to the public.

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Athens community organizer, activist, teacher and poet Lemuel LaRoche, AKA Life The Griot onstage in Athens-Clarke County Library’s Appleton Auditorium; Life is a social worker, poet, chess enthusiast, and activist on a mission. His inspirational words entertain and touch thousands with a simple truth: if we want to see better, then we have to do better.

Mr LaRoche is the founder and executive director of Chess and Community Conference, Inc., a nonprofit youth empowerment organization dedicated to developing strategic leadership skills in young people. Known in the communities that he serves as Life the Griot, he fuses chess with conventional therapeutic methods to curb impulsive behavior amongst youth with delinquent pasts. Life has over fifteen years experience in adolescent and community development and brings a fresh innovative approach to counseling.

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