Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

A collage of browser icons.

Welcome to "Build Your Skills" -- a blog about easy-to-use, practical computer tips. "Build your skills" will offer tips on using browsers, spreadsheets, cloud services, and much more. For this first post, we're going to check out browser keyboard shortcuts. Why use keyboard shortcuts? Because they're fast and efficient.

Here's a handy but relatively unknown browser shortcut. Instead of clicking in the URL bar to enter a search term or web address, punch in this keyboard shortcut.

Master tabbed browsing with these shortcuts.

Find where to go, where you've been, what you've downloaded.

Have you ever zoomed in or out in a page and couldn't return to the original zoom level? This shortcut will get you back.

For when you're impatient.

This is not a keyboard shortcut but it's a great tool for browsing. Typically, clicking a link will leave the page you're on and load the new page. But middle clicking a link keeps your current page open and opens the link destination in a new tab. This is useful if you want to keep a page up but also explore several links at the same time.

Want to learn more? In Firefox, open the browser menu (?) and mouse-over a button such as "Full Screen". A small popup will show the keyboard shortcut. In Chrome, open the browser menu (?). Keyboard shortcuts will be listed beside menu items.