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Free Up Space in Your Google Drive

Google drive logo

Here are a few tips to help you free up and manage your Google Drive storage.

1) Free Google Drive accounts provide 15 GB of storage that is split between Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail. To see how much storage you're currently using, go to Google Drive and move your mouse over "x GB of 15 GB used".

Screenshot from Google Drive showing break down of storage between Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail

2) Perhaps the best way to free up space in Google Drive is by deleting unneeded emails with large attachments. Go to Gmail and click the down arrow on the search bar to show search options.

Screenshot of Google drive search bar with down arrow

At the bottom of the search options, search for emails greater than 5 or 10 MB.

Screenshot of Google drive advanced search options

This will show your emails with the largest attachments. Now you can can delete any unneeded emails.

3) Avoid sending large attachments (pdfs, images, videos) in emails, especially to multiple recipients. If you send a 10 MB pdf to several people, that message will take up 10 MB of every single recipient's storage. The best practice is to save the file(s) in your Google Drive and share it with whoever you want. The file(s) will count against your storage but won't count against any recipients storage.

4) Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files do not count against your Google storage. So if you switch from MS Office to Google Docs, Sheets, and Sheets you will have essentially unlimited storage for your files.