Beef Up Your Browser

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Did you know you can use your browser for more than browsing? That you can download extra browser tools that block ads or translate text or manage passwords? You can. And we’re going to teach you how. Welcome to the world of extensions.

Getting Extensions

Where do you get browser extensions? If you use Chrome, do a web search for “Chrome Web Store”. At the Chrome Web Store, you will find thousands of extensions. When you see an extension you want to try, click it and then click “Add to Chrome”. If you use Firefox, search for “Add-ons for Firefox”. Firefox extensions install pretty much the same way as in Chrome.

Ad blockers

If you only download one extension, download an ad blocker. Ad blockers get rid of most ad boxes, banners, and popups on the web. Not only can you browse ad-free but you can browse faster since you’re not loading ads. There are many ad blockers to choose from, but it’s hard to go wrong picking one that’s highly rated.

Sometimes ad blockers will hide a pop-up window that you need to view. When this happens, simply click the ad blocker icon in your browser and disable/turn off the ad blocker for that site.

Everything else

We don’t want to promote any particular extensions. Plus there are so many good ones it would be hard to list them all. So it’s really best to explore them yourself. Try out extensions for your favorite services such as Google, Amazon, Apple, or Microsoft. Try out extensions for weather. Password managers. Email. Lists. Shopping. The list goes on.

Chances are you’ll find a few that you won’t be able to live without.