Please visit your library branch's website for the latest hours and services. Call us or contact us at if you have any questions regarding library service during this time. For more information about the libraries' phased re-entry plans, please click here  

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Library Services FAQs

Library Services FAQs

Tutorials & How-tos



  • What is the GALILEO password?
    • Please contact us using this form, contact us via the Chat service, reach out through social media, or call us. To find your library's operating hours, please check here. You may also access GALILEO through your PINES account.
    • For additional information on how to access GALILEO, please visit the GALILEO help page: GALILEO at Home
  • I read that Ancestry Library Edition was available from home. How do I do this?
    • Ancestry Library Edition is offering temporary remote access for library patrons. To use it, go to the library’s Online Library page here and click on the Ancestry icon. Enter the GALILEO password when prompted.
  • I read that the Library offers access to The New York Times. How do I do that?
    • To access The New York Times, go to
    • Click "Access from Outside the Library,"  and enter the GALILEO password.
    • The next screen is the redemption code from the NYT. Click on Redeem. You'll be taken to a page from the NYT, where you'll enter your login information or register for an account. The code is good for 24 hours.

Digital Books

  • Does the library offer digital books? 
    • Yes. The library offers downloadable ebooks, audiobooks and magazines through Overdrive, as well as ebooks and audiobooks for kids through eReads Kids and TumbleBooks
  • Overdrive/Libby
    • What is Overdrive?
      • Overdrive is the library’s new ebook and audiobook provider. The service migrated from RBDigital on Oct. 1, 2020. The app used to read or listen to books is called Libby. 
    • How do I access books in Libby? 
      • Download Libby, the Overdrive app, from your app store.  It requires a library account, so if you don’t have one, please fill out the form to apply for a digital access card
    • How do I add the library to Libby?
      • In the “Add Library” section, search for Athens Regional Library System. It will be listed underneath Georgia Download Destination. Tap to add it. Then just enter your library card number. 
    • How do I get help using Libby?
    • I’m getting an error message when creating my Overdrive account. What can I do?
      • Your PINES account may be expired. Please contact the library using this form, use our chat service, or call your library. To find your library's operating hours, please check here.
    • Where can I find the app for Overdrive?
      • The Overdrive app is called Libby, and is available for download for Kindle Fire, Android and Apple devices. You can find the app by searching your app store or follow the links on this page
    • How can I suggest a title?
      • If there are no holdings of a title, you can click “Recommend,” and the title will be considered for purchase. Please note this option is available on the digital site and in the OverDrive app, but the Libby app has not yet incorporated the feature.
    •  Can I return ebooks early?
      • Yes! In fact we encourage you to return items that you've finished so another patron can check them out. To return items in Libby
        • Go to Shelf, then select Loans.
        • Tap Manage Loan.
        • Tap Return Early, then Return.
    • A title I saw listed isn’t anymore. What happened?
      • Digital titles, both audiobooks and ebooks, are licensed to libraries by the publishers for a certain number of check-outs or a specific length of time, such as 24 months. These are set by the publishers. When a title hits that mark, either by months owned or number of check-outs, library patrons lose access to that book.
    • eRead Kids
      • What is eRead Kids?
        • eRead Kids is a digital library for kids in pre-K to fourth grade,  featuring nearly 20,000 electronic and audio books.
      • How do I access eRead Kids?
        • Follow this link to the eRead kids page. To login in, enter your PINES card number and PINES account password.
      • Is there an app for eReads Kids?
      • I don’t know my password to log in to eRead Kids.
        • The login for eRead Kids is the same as your login to PINES. If you do not know your PINES password, try entering the last four digits of the phone number on your account. If that does not work, you can reset it on the PINES login screen, or email us using this form.
      • I’m getting an error message when creating my eRead Kids account. What can I do?
        • Your PINES account may be expired. Please contact the library using this form or contact us via the Chat service so that we can check your account.
      • Where can I get help using eRead Kids?
    • TumbleBooks 
      • What is TumbleBooks?
        • TumbleBooks is a digital book provider that offers a wide selection of ebooks and audiobooks for children. 
      • How do I access TumbleBooks?
        • Follow this link to the TumbleBooks page. You will not need to enter your library card number. 

    Digital Magazines

    • How can I download magazines?
      • As of Feb. 1, 2021 magazines are available through Overdrive. If you've used Overdrive to download eMagazines, books or audio books, the same account provides access to magazine. 
      • You can sign up for an Overdrive account at


    • Is the library accepting book/DVD/magazine donations?
      • No, at this time we are not accepting any donations of any materials.


    • Can I pay fines on my account while the library is closed?
      • Yes. Login to your PINES account and click on the “Charges” link. Follow the links to enter your payment information.
    • I have an item that was due while the libraries were closed to the public during the pandemic. Do I owe any fines?
      • Fines for overdue items were paused from March 15-October 10, 2020. If you have an item with any due date during that time period, no fines were charged. However, fines resumed accruing as of Sunday, October 11, 2020. If you have an item out with a due date of October 11, 2020 or earlier a fine will be charged each day the item is late starting on October 11, 2020.

    Grab and Go

    • What is Grab and Go Service? 

    Holds pickup

    • I received notification that I have holds available. How can I pick those up?
      • You can pick up your items during your library's curbside pickup hours or during their Grab & Go hours.
        • Curbside: Come to your library during your library's curbside hours and call the number posted from the parking lot. A staff member will get your card number and check out your items, and then will put them on a table outside the library for you to pick up. 
        • Grab and Go: Come into the buildings during your library's Grab and Go Hours. Please check your library’s hours.
    • I don’t have a cell phone. How can I pick up my holds during curbside hours?

    Internet Access

    • How can I use the Internet at the library?
      • One-hour computer sessions are available by appointment or for walk-in use only at most of our libraries. Call your library to schedule an appointment. Additional information is available on our website at
      • Please be aware that when you come to the library to use the computer:
        • You must wear an unvented face mask.
        • Very limited computer assistance will be available from staff.
        • Sessions are limited to one-hour

    Library Card / Digital Access Card

    • My library card is expired. How can I fix this?
      • Because many of our patrons are concerned about coming into the library, we can renew accounts by phone or in person. 
        • Call the library or use the chat feature; please have your driver's license and library card number available.
        • Stop by your library during their grab and go hours.
    • Why did my library card expire?
      • Library cards expire every two years, no matter how much you use them, so we can ensure that we have your most current information.

    Digital Access Card

    • I don’t have a library card. How can I access online materials?
      • You can sign up for a digital-only library card and take advantage of everything on our website, including our downloadable collection of digital e-books, audiobooks and magazines.
      • Follow this link to the Digital access card application.
      • Learn more about signing up for PINES here.
    • Can I use my digital access card to check out books or DVDs? 
      • Come into your library during their open hours with your photo ID and proof of Georgia address, or
      • Send a picture of your photo ID to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. along with your library card number, and your account will be updated. Our staff will issue you your physical card that can be picked up during curbside or grab and go hours.
      • Your account will need to be changed from Digital to a standard account. This can be done in person or by email:

    Library Hours 

    • Our libraries remain in phase 5 of our re-entry process.  While we offer many services, both in-person and virtual, phase 5 is the last phase before we expand hours to our normal hours. We believe we will remain in this phase through the summer of 2021. Please see our latest Director's Message.

    Park and Museum Passes

    • Can I check out a park pass?
      • The libraries offer the following park passes to checkout:
        • Zoo Atlanta
        • Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites ParkPass
        • Chattahoochee Nature Center Family Pass
        • Go Fish Education Center
        • Center for Puppetry Arts
        • Museum of History and Holocaust Education at Kennesaw State University
        • Michael C. Carlos Museum
      • Please call your library to check the availability of each pass.
    • Can I check out the Zoo Atlanta DVD to get the zoo pass?


    • Can I apply for my passport at the library?
      • The Athens-Clarke County Library is accepting passport applications by appointment only. Please call the library at 706-613-3650 to set up an appointment.
      • The U.S. Department of State is experiencing a backlog in applications, and applicants will experience a significant delay before receiving their passport or the return of their documentation. Applicants are encouraged to check the Department of State's website prior to applying.


    What is my password to my PINES account?/I’ve forgotten my password.

    • The password may be the last four digits of the phone number on your account.
    • If that does not work, you can reset it on the PINES login screen, or email us using this form, contact us via the Chat service, or call us. To find your library's operating hours, please check here


    • I have a document I need printed. Can I come to the library to do this?
      • You can print documents by signing up for a one-hour computer session at most library locations, or use our document delivery service to pick up your document during curbside hours. 
      • Email the document to your branch library, and staff will have it ready for you to pick up the next day during curbside service or during grab and go services. Please see our web page for details.


    • When can I return my checked out items?
      • Our book returns are open every day. You can return items anytime.
      • Return items in book drops only. For those returning items to the Baxter Street library, the book drops are located in the far side of the parking lot. The automated returns window is not available.
      • Library materials will be quarantined in the library for 3 days before being checked and taken off of your record.
      • Before you return library materials, please keep the following in mind:
        • If there is illness in your home, please do not return any library items.
        • Please do not leave materials outside of the bookdrop.  If the book drop is closed, keep your items until you can safely return them inside the bookdrop.
        • Only return library borrowed materials.  We are not accepting donations.
    • If I return my items to the Baxter Street library, can I put them in the automatic returns window near the front door so they’ll be checked in right away?
      • The returns window of the automatic materials handler is closed. Please return all items to the book drop at the far end of the parking lot. All items are quarantined for 3 days before they are checked in.


    • Can I volunteer at the library?
      • To minimize the numbers of people in our buildings, the libraries are not able to use volunteers or court-ordered community service workers at this time.


    • Can I use the library’s wifi?
      • Yes.  The wifi is on 24 hours at all ARLS branches, and is accessible from the library parking lots.  The password for all libraries is “yourlibrary.” We encourage everyone using our wifi to keep physical distancing in mind.  Please stay in your car or at least 6 feet away from any other person.