Winter 2012

The Talking Book Center will be closed December 24-26, 2012; January 1, 2013 and January 21, 2013.

Are You Digital?

Do you have a digital Talking Books player yet? Most of our patrons do, but there are still a few who are using the yellow cassette players. Most of the Georgia Talking Book stock will be digital in the future, with cassettes being rapidly phased out, so consider upgrading! Digital books offer better sound quality, are easier to use, and contain an entire book on one cartridge - no switching sides! You will also have access to downloadable Talking Books.

If you are a Talking Book patron without a digital player, please contact us at 1-800-531-2063 to request one!

Magazines Go Digital

In early 2013, NLS will begin converting its audio magazine program from cassette tapes to digital cartridges. In order to continue to receive audio magazines patrons must have a digital talking book player. Please contact the Talking Book Center if you do not have a digital player.

The blue audio magazine cartridges will ship in a dark red container with a distinctive logo. The cartridge may contain several audio magazines to which you subscribe. When a cartridge with more than one magazine is inserted into a digital talking book player, it will announce instructions for navigating among the multiple magazines on that cartridge. The cartridges will be sent out once a week or once a month.

Magazine cartridges are reused and must be returned: turn over the address card on the container and place the cartridge in its container for mailing. As with books, if cartridges are not returned your service may be disrupted.

Readers who receive Talking Book Topics on cassette will soon receive it on digital cartridge with their other audio magazines. The print order forms for Talking Book Topics will be mailed to users separately from the magazine cartridge. As with other titles circulated on cartridges, Talking Book Topics must be returned in order to receive future issues.

Talking Book Outreach

If you are a member of a group, church, or other activity that would like to learn about Talking Books, you can have a staff member come give a presentation. We will explain how the service works, demonstrate equipment, and even register new patrons. Just give us a call at 1-800-531-2063!

If you contribute to a newsletter or other publication and would like to include information about the Talking Book program, you are welcome to use any of the press releases found at

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New BARD Site

Braille books, magazines, and music scores are now available on BARD. If you wish to set your search and browse preference to display only audio or only braille, you may do so by selecting your preference from the combo box labeled "Display results." Access this option by selecting the link Update Account Settings from the BARD main page.

Special collection materials, music books and scores, and foreign-language books produced abroad are also available on BARD. You may access these materials from links on the BARD main page. Every book and magazine title now links to a page with further details and additional links. The additional links lead to lists of more titles that are by the same author, audiobooks read by the same narrator, and/or in the same subject categories. Links to additional books in the same series (if applicable), a link to download the title, and a link to add the title to your wish list, are also available on the details page. Your wish list may be accessed from the BARD main page.

Winter Books

  • DB 72403   Blood on the Snow: The Carpathian Winter War of 1915   by Graydon Tunstall
  • DB 72470  Dead of Winter  by Rennie Airth Mystery
  • DB 72627  Hard Winter: A Western Story by Johnny Boggs
  • DB 72723  Russian Winter  by Daphne Kalotay
  • DB 72910  Winter's Bone  by Daniel Woodrell Suspense ST VI
  • DB 73089  Daughter of Winter  by Pat L Collins grades 4-7
  • DB 73328  A Light at Winter's End by Julia London SE ST
  • DB 74736  Prague Winter: A Personal Story of Remembrance and War 1937-1948  by Madeline Albright